About Us
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About Us

Safer Travel Education is part of the existing Safer Travel Partnership.

This site aims to provide you with the content and support needed to deliver lessons around anti- social behaviour and travelling safely, across all modes of public transport.

Whilst the public transport network enjoys a very low crime rate, the Safer Travel Partnership and therefore Safer Travel Education, is committed to making it even safer and importantly making people feel safe.

We know that anti -social behaviour is often the precursor to more serious crime and contributes to passenger’s perception of safety. We hope that by targeting our resources at teachers to help in educating students, that we can help prevent this from happening.

Our educational resources are all free and comply with current educational guidelines. They offer numerous opportunities for you to engage with your students and encourage them to think about staying safe and the consequences of crime and anti- social behaviour on the public transport network.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Safer Travel Education, we hope you find our resources useful.

Safer Travel Education works in partnership with:

West Midlands Police British Transport Police Centro

Introduction to the Safer Travel Partnership

You can find out more information about the Safer Travel Partnership, our work and results through this introductory document.

Download Introduction to the Safer Travel Partnership

See Something Say Something in Education

See Something Say Something in Education is an online reporting tool for students to report incidents of anti-social behaviour on the West Midlands, public transport network. Reports will be received and dealt with by the Safer Travel ASB Team. Students will not be contacted unless they wish to be and all information will be treated as confidential.

Links to the National Curriculum

These educational resources hope to provide accurate and relevant knowledge about crime and anti- social behaviour on the public transport network, whilst at the same time encouraging young people to reflect upon these issues and clarify their own values and attitudes towards them.

Our resources aim to support the delivery of the National Curriculum, particularly PSHE in primary and secondary schools across the West Midlands. This table highlights possible learning objectives/ outcomes which could be achieved by using these resources in the classroom.

Download Links to the National Curriculum